Do I really need an oil change every 3,000 miles?

Do I really need an oil change every 3,000 miles?You know the old saying, it goes, "Change every 3,000 miles." But does this hold true today? Yes! Although, it isn't true for every car. Some modern cars and trucks can go 5,000 to 10,000 miles between oil changes, though the higher mileage intervals should be evaluated based on driving habits. So why do vehicles need oil changes so often? There are a few important reasons, such as the following.

Engine lubrication

The primary reason that your vehicle needs fresh oil put into the engine at certain mileage intervals is so that the moving parts of the motor are not left unlubricated. Fresh oil ensures that there is not excessive friction occurring between the parts, as this could cause detrimental damage to the interior of the engine. The oil change process itself helps to clean out the engine by removing Gunk that gets caught in the old oil, and left in the oil filter. As the oil collects this gunk, such as dust and other contaminants, the oil becomes muddy, which prevents it from being able to properly lubricate the engine, which is why it needs to be changed.

Restore performance

When you drain all that gunk from the engine and replace the old oil with fresh oil, yyou will help to restore the drivability and performance of your vehicle. The fresh oil will ensure that the engine operates as smoothly as possible, which means that you'll get the best response from the gas pedal and improved fuel efficiency.


While not directly related to the need for an oil change, the oil change process does allow for a technician to check out your vehicle to see if it is suffering from any possible problems. As the technician changes the oil they can complete an inspection of parts that are normally hard to access. This sort of preventative care is critical to increasing the life of the engine and the car as a whole.

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