What Causes Automatic Transmission Failure?

What Causes Automatic Transmission Failure?Automatic transmission are an amazing feature of many vehicles produced today. Not only does it make the driving experience easier, it can make it safer as well, but only if the automatic transmission is in proper health. This type of transmission relies heavily on a special fluid that helps the transmission shift through the gears at the correct time without any delay or stalling. Without the proper flow of this fluid you will experience trouble with acceleration, transmission response, grinding gears or a variety of other problems. These are common issues that cause problems within your automatic transmission.

Low Transmission Fluid

Low transmission fluid will cause your transmission to fail because it requires the liquid in order to shift. For proper transmission maintenance check the fluid level at least twice a year to ensure it is not low. If it is found to be at levels less than the required amount there is a good chance there is a leak or it is getting stuck outside the transmission reservoir, which means there isn't proper flow.

ATF Leak

Transmission fluid is dyed red in order to make it easy to identify compared to other vehicle fluids. If you find this fluid in your driveway you will want to contact your local transmission repair shop right away in order to schedule an appointment for transmission service. The most common areas where leaks happen are the transmission fluid drain hole, the location where the transmission filler tube connects to the transmission and the seal between the engine and the transmission.

Clogged Transmission Fluid Filter

Another possible reason for transmission trouble related to the automatic transmission fluid is a clogged transmission filter. A clogged filter will not allow for proper flow of ATF which means you're going to experience grinding gears, delayed response from the transmission or popping out of gear. It is important to keep up with factory scheduled automatic transmission services to ensure that this does not happen!

While an automatic transmission can make driving much more easier, especially in traffic, it can be a real headache if it ends up having trouble related to low fluid levels. For professional automatic transmission repair, automatic transmission rebuilding or automatic transmission installation in Westminster, CO, head to All Engines & Transmissions. We offer complete transmission rebuilding and repair at our full service shop. To learn more about these issues or how we conduct transmission repair in Westminster don't hesitate to call us at (720) 707-0183 today.

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