Does My Car Need a Transmission Replacement?

Does My Car Need a Transmission Replacement?The transmission is tasked with ensuring that the power created by the engine is transferred to the wheels, thus enabling your vehicle to move. A transmission that is suffering from problems can often be repaired, but there are more severe issues, such as those listed below, that can result in a need for a complete transmission replacement. It is best to get to a repair shop as soon as you notice any problems, and let a professional technician provide you with their honest opinion.

Heavy Transmission Fluid Leak

Many transmission fluid leaks can be fixed by replacing the pan gasket, but if this service is conducted and you're still finding puddles of red fluid underneath your vehicle, than it may be time for a transmission replacement. If the tranny continuously leaks fluid it will cause constant damage to the interior parts of the mechanism. A leak that won't stop may be caused by warped parts or massive external transmission damage. Both of these will result in a need for a transmission replacement.

Won't go into Gear

The quickest and often most efficient way to repair a transmission that won't go into gear is to replace it. While this may seem like a jump to the worst conclusion, this is a surefire way to get your car back on the road. Dillydallying around a transmission that has obvious issues will be an elongated process. When you replace it, you'll be back to driving very soon.

Burnt Transmission Fluid

If the transmission is constantly overheating it will cook the transmission fluid. If you ever smell burning while your vehicle is shifting be sure to check the transmission fluid reservoir. If you pull the transmission dip stick and the fluid appears blackish, and not its normal red color, there is cooling issues occurring in the transmission.

Irregular Shifts/Popping out of Gear

Sporadic shifts, unnecessary shifts or the vehicle falling out of gear are all dangerous issues, as they prevent you from being able to properly control your car. If this ever happens to you be sure to get to a transmission repair shop to get the opinion of a mechanic as to what the best action regarding repair is. Chances are, it's a transmission replacement.

Transmission troubles can be daunting, but they can often be easily fixed by installing a used or rebuilt transmission. If you would like to learn more about transmission replacement in Westminster, CO get in touch with All Engines & Transmissions. We offer rebuilt and used engines and rebuilt transmissions for all makes and models. Give us a call at (720) 707-0183 to learn more or to request a quote for a rebuilt transmission for sale in Westminster, CO.

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