3 Signs of your Car May Need an Engine Replacement

3 Signs of your Car May Need an Engine ReplacementThe engine creates the power that makes your vehicle move. If your car seems to be suffering from any sort of trouble under the hood you need to visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible. There are numerous things that can cause mechanical issues for the motor, such as poor maintenance or even something as common as high mileage wear and tear. It is important to keep up with factory scheduled services to give your engine the best chance of survival for many, many mules. However, if you do find that your vehicle is experiencing any of these common signs of engine failure be sure to call your local auto repair shop right away to avoid more expensive damage.

Knocking noises

A common symptom of major engine trouble is a knocking noise coming from under the hood. This is generally caused by engine bearings suffering from poor lubrication, which can cause them to seize. Of course, this issue can also occur fail due to high mileage wear. The engine bearings support the motion of the moving parts of the engine, so this issue often requires a rebuild of the lower half of the engine to ensure that it is fully fixed.

Excessive and colored exhaust smoke

Another common sign of potential engine failure has to do with what comes out of the car's tailpipe. If you notice colorful smoke being released by your car you can bet there's some sort of trouble deep under the hood. The most common issues can often be diagnosed by the color of the smoke. White smoke usually indicates a coolant leak within the engine, putting the engine at risk of overheating. Blue smoke can represent an oil leak occurring inside the motor, resulting in lubrication trouble that will increase wear and tear amongst its parts. Black smoke often means that your vehicle is burning too much gas. This may be related to trouble in the fuel delivery system or a clogged air filter, which is a simple fix.

Loss of performance

If your vehicle seems to be struggling to get up to speed, has a rough engine idle, or even has trouble getting started, there could be a serious issue with the engine's internal components. While there are several types of problems that could cause these types of problems, such as malfunctioning sensors or a dirty filters, mechanical engine trouble shouldn't be ruled out until proper diagnostics are ran. Let your local auto shop take the vehicle for a test drive and complete a computer analysis to pinpoint the issue.

If you're car is experiencing any of these signs of engine trouble do not hesitate to schedule time with your mechanic for diagnostics and service. For professional engine repair in Westminster, CO, or the surrounding areas reach out to All Engines & Transmissions. We are able to complete engine repair, engine rebuilds or engine replacements, depending on what the best option for your vehicle is. To schedule an appointment for auto repair in Westminster give us a call at (720) 707-0183 today.

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