3 Engines of The Big Three Known to Fail

3 Engines of The Big Three Known to FailThe big three, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, were once kings of the car industry in the United States and beyond. While competition has grown, so has the engineering process that goes into modern automobiles. Thank goodness, because some of the motors manufactured by these companies should be all but forgotten about. If you find yourself in possession of a vehicle that still has one of the following motors under the hood, let's hope the last owner was the one who had to fix it!

MOPAR 2.2L 4 Cylinder

The K-Car line became Chrysler's first line of defense against bankruptcy after Lee Iacocca stepped in. While the cars themselves sold like hotcakes, it wouldn't be long before the ones with the 2.2L under the hood started trickling into auto shops with engine trouble. While they became known for their rod knock, Chrysler added a turbo and made millions of them, resulting in many busted engines and knuckles.

Chevrolet 2.2L

The pre Ecotec 2.2 four banger that was available in the Beretta, Cavalier, S-10 and other models was known for a lack of power, and as the miles climbed there was a good chance the head gasket would blow at any time. Corroding freeze plugs only added to the trouble, making these one of the worst engines from GM.

Ford 2.8L V6

Under the hoods of many downsized Mustangs, Capris and Rangers sits a 2.8L V6. The engine would become notorious for cracked cylinder heads, leading to aftermarket replacements becoming the best selling head replacement for any engine.

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