Simple Tips to Restore MPGs

Simple Tips to Restore MPGsAs we head into summer it is likely that you are planning some sort of road trip. This is the season for seeing all the sights, after all. Before you head out, it is important to make sure that your car is ready for the extra miles. This includes doing all you can to combat rising gas prices. Here are a few easy maintenance tasks that will help to improve your fuel efficiency this summer and for seasons beyond.

Inflate Tires

Tires that are underinflated can result in a decrease of fuel efficiency by as much as 25%. If you notice that your tires appear low you can pull into nearly any service station to fill them up with air. Make sure to only fill them to their maximum PSI rating, which can be found on the tire’s sidewall.

New Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are what ignite the air and fuel mixture inside the engine to power the pistons up and down. If the spark plugs become corroded or dirty they will misfire, which is a huge waste of fuel. Replacing spark plugs on most vehicle is a relatively simple and affordable maintenance tasks that will ensure maximum MPGs for miles to come.

Fresh Air Filter

As mentioned your car runs on a mixture of air and fuel. On its way into the engine the air passes through a filter which removes any natural debris that can contaminate the motor. If this filter becomes clogged it can restrict airflow which will result in the vehicle using more gasoline than necessary. This is called running rich and is a huge waste of fuel.

New Fuel Filter

While it may seem like you would get better miles per gallon if you restricted fuel flow to the engine, the truth is quite the opposite. A dirty fuel filter will prevent gas from getting to the engine. This results in a very poor running motor that will get terrible fuel economy.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

Another component of the fuel system that needs regular attention is the fuel injection. Using fuel injection cleaner on a regular basis will ensure that there are no contaminants blocking the injectors that would restrict fuel flow.

As you prepare your car for a summer road trip road trip it is going to get the most miles per gallon possible! For expert auto maintenance in Westminster, CO, that will restore fuel economy visit the team at All Engines & Transmissions. Our crew is dedicated to providing high quality auto maintenance, repair, engine replacement, and transmission replacement. Give us a call at (720) 707-0183 to request an appointment for professional auto maintenance in Westminster today.

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