When Does My Car Need Routine Transmission Service

When Does My Car Need Routine Transmission ServiceJust like the engine needs oil changes, the transmission needs routine service as well, but at much higher mileage intervals. While you should always have transmission services completed at the proper mile marker, you may run into transmission issues that indicate routine service could be beneficial. Transmission service includes draining the transmission fluid, removing the transmission pan, cleaning the pan, replacing or cleaning the transmission filter, if applicable, and putting it all back together with a new pan gasket and fresh fluid. Fresh fluid will help restore many transmission problems, including the following.

Grinding or Squealing

If you notice grinding noises, squealing or whining, transmission service is a must. These sounds can indicate a few different issues, but most often it is a sign of low or dirty transmission fluid resulting in difficult shifts or poor lubrication.

Hard Shifting

Does your transmission go “clunk” when it shifts? This is extremely unhealthy for the transmission as it can result in larger mechanical issues if not quickly taken care. Transmission service can remove this problem in many circumstances, as it is likely being caused by inadequate transmission fluid levels or conditions.

Delayed Shifting

When you shift from park to drive, or as the automatic transmission shifts between driving gears, there should not be any excessive revving of the engine. If there is your car is almost definitely low on transmission fluid.

Transmission Fluid Leak

A transmission fluid leak can cause all of the above and a number of other, more technical issues. Thankfully, regular transmission maintenance can resolve this problem since leaks most commonly form when the transmission pan gasket has worn thin or dried out. This gasket is replaced during routine transmission services.

Mileage Marker

Of course, the best time to get transmission service is before any of the above issues come about. Your vehicle’s service schedule in the owner’s manual will inform you at what mileage point to bring your car in for routine maintenance for all types of services, including transmission. For some vehicles it is every 30,000 miles, others much more.

Be sure to stay on top of all auto maintenance, including those services necessary for your transmission. For professional transmission service in Westminster, CO head to All Engines & Transmissions. Give us a call at (720) 707-0183 to schedule an appointment for expert auto maintenance in Westminster today.

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