It May be Time for a New Transmission if...

It May be Time for a New Transmission if...One of the most rare types of auto repair is having to replace a transmission, but it does happen. Issues that call for a transmission replacement are generally caused by a problem that started long ago and were much more minor. As transmission issues grow they will cause a growing amount of damage inside the complicated machine. If you find yourself facing any of the following transmissions issues, it may be too little too late if you're hoping for a minor repair. Before you worry too much though it is important to let a trained technician complete diagnostics. So without further ado, it may be time for a transmission replacement if...

...There is Excessive Transmission Fluid Leak

If your vehicle's transmission seems to be emptying out rapidly it is very likely the gears inside the transmission have become heavily worn. Transmission fluid offers the necessary lubrication to keep the vehicle shifting smooth. Low transmission levels will result in all sorts of issues, from grinding gears to delayed shifts.

...My Transmission Won't Go into Gear

There are a few reasons that your transmission won't go into gear at all. These can include a mechanical failure, nearly empty transmission fluid levels or even a computer issue on newer models.

...My Automatic Transmission is Stuck in Gear

It is not uncommon for a transmission solenoid to be the cause of an automatic transmission that is stuck in a certain gear. However another reason your car might not shift is if computer sensors have activated what is known as “limp mode.” This is often due to the sensors that determine when to shift becoming unable to properly process information to make accurate shifts. The vehicle will shift into 2nd or 3rd gear and stay there in order to allow the driver to get to a repair shop.

...My Transmission has Structural Failures

Of course there are mechanical issues that can cause shifting troubles as well. This includes excessive wear and tear of gears that results in chipped gear teeth. This will cause the car to grind gears or have difficulty engaging in certain gears.

If you think your vehicle is having trouble shifting be sure to visit a reputable transmission shop. If you believe you may need a transmission replacement in Westminster, CO, or the surrounding area head to All Engines & Transmissions. Our crew of transmission service experts will run diagnostics to find the best course of action. To learn more or to schedule an appointment give us a call at (720) 707-0183 today.

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