Options for Fixing a Failing Transmission

Options for Fixing a Failing TransmissionTransmissions are highly complicated mechanisms that require routine maintenance to remain in prime working condition. If something goes amiss with your transmission you're likely to experience trouble getting through the gears. Signs of transmission trouble include grinding gears, a transmission fluid leak, delayed or erratic shifting or the inability to get into gear. Whatever issue you're experiencing, you'll want to head to a professional transmission repair shop for proper diagnostics. A technician will be able to thoroughly inspect the transmission to determine the most cost effective option for getting your car back on the road in a safe and reliable condition. It generally comes down to three options when fixing a transmission: repair, rebuild or replacement.

Transmission Repair

In most circumstances, a transmission repair will suffice to save your vehicle. When completing a repair the technicians are essentially replacing the minimum amount of parts necessary to get you back on the road. In most situations, repairs can be conducted without having to remove the transmission from the vehicle, making it the most cost effective option, when it is possible.

Transmission Rebuild

If damage to the transmission beyond repair, it may be necessary to complete a rebuild. During a transmission rebuild the unit will be removed from the vehicle, completely disassembled, and then put back together using new parts, seals and gaskets as necessary. The end result, while more expensive than a repair, is a transmission that operates as if it is was.

Transmission Replacement

Another option you may have if your transmission is heavily worn is a transmission replacement. In this circumstance you can either replace the transmission with a used or already rebuilt transmission. This can be faster than rebuilding the existing transmission, but often costs more to do.

If you are experiencing transmission issues it is important to get to a repair shop right away. The longer you wait to run diagnostics the worse the trouble will get. To learn more about your options for transmission repair in Westminster, CO, or the surrounding areas, contact All Engines & Transmissions. We conduct transmission repair, transmission rebuilds and transmission replacements for all makes and models. To schedule an appointment for transmission service in Westminster, give us a call at (720) 707-0183 today.

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