Simple Precautions for Preventing Major Engine Trouble

Simple Precautions for Preventing Major Engine TroubleBy taking certain preventive measures, you can help to prevent major engine problems from arising. But if you do notice an indication of engine trouble, then you should promptly visit the shop so the issue doesn't get the opportunity to worsen. At All Engines & Transmissions, our local mechanics are experts at engine repair in the greater Westminster, CO area. Here are some basic ways to prevent serious engine trouble.

Don't Ignore the Check Engine Light

An illuminated check engine light doesn't automatically mean that your engine is on the verge of complete disaster. But you should still get to the shop for computerized diagnostics so that the underlying issue can be identified ASAP. This will give you the best chance to address the problem before it escalates.

Always Stay Current with Oil Changes

By consistently following your oil change schedule, your engine's moving parts will be properly lubricated. This will protect them from major damage that metal-on-metal contact could inflict. And when you're driving with the proper level of unpolluted oil, heat will be more effectively redistributed from your combustion chamber. This will help to keep your engine temperature in a safe range.

Visit the Shop ASAP if You Notice Symptoms of Engine Trouble

Common warning signs of an engine problem include knocking/tapping noises, burning odors, fluid leaks, discolored exhaust smoke, and power loss. These symptoms should be brought to the mechanic's attention as soon as possible.

Keep Up with Factory-Scheduled Maintenance

Following your vehicle's 30/60/90k maintenance plan will help to ensure that your engine stays in excellent health. As part of factory-scheduled maintenance, an assortment of essential tasks may be completed, including fluid exchanges, filter replacements, and spark plug replacement.

Engine Repair & Replacement in Westminster, CO

When you need engine repair or replacement in Westminster and the surrounding area, contact All Engines & Transmissions at (720) 707-0183. At our local auto shop, we can expertly complete any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: June 2022

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Simple Precautions for Preventing Major Engine Trouble
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