Does My Car have an Exhaust Leak? Here's how to Tell

Does My Car have an Exhaust Leak? Here's how to TellMost car problems need to be addressed as soon as they become present to prevent them from getting worse, but this is especially true when they present health and safety concerns to the occupants of the car. The exhaust system not only helps the car run more efficiently, but it removes harmful exhaust fumes and converts them to less hazardous emissions before emitting them out of the tailpipe. If you notice any of the following issues your car may have a dangerous exhaust leak, which should be addressed by a professional technician as soon as possible to prevent car problems, as well as CO2 poisoning.

Increased Engine Noise

If you notice that your engine seems to be louder than it normally is it is likely due to an exhaust leak. Part of the exhaust system is called the muffler, because it muffles the sound of the engine. If the exhaust fumes don't pass through this part due to a leak it will cause the engine noise to be increased, particularly during rapid acceleration, such as when getting up to highway speeds.

Vibrating gas pedal

A leak in the exhaust system can translate to vibrations that can be felt in the gas pedal, or if it is bad enough, the steering wheel. An extreme exhaust leak could even lead the whole car to begin shaking.

Decreased fuel efficiency

The oxygen sensor is in the exhaust system and is designed to measure the oxygen levels in the exhaust to help calculate the proper air to fuel ratio that is burned in the combustion chamber. If there is excessive oxygen, which can occur due to an exhaust leak, the car will compensate by burning additional fuel, thus reducing your fuel efficiency by 25 percent or more.

Check engine light

If you experience any of the above and the check engine light comes on it would be safe to bet that the light is indicating an exhaust leak. Regardless of any other symptoms that you may notice, if the check engine light comes on it is necessary to head to the auto repair shop for further diagnostics and repairs.

Exhaust issues should be addressed as soon as they become apparent so that they don't present any health issues to the occupants of the car and to ensure vehicle performance remains optimal. For expert exhaust repair in Westminster, CO, head to All Engines & Transmissions. We offer complete auto repair for all makes and models. Give us a call at (720) 707-0183 to schedule professional auto repair in Westminster today.

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