Why Would I Need an Engine Replacement

Why Would I Need an Engine ReplacementThe engine in your vehicle is comparable to the human heart. It's cylinders pump, producing power that allows it to get you from A to B, much as a human heart pumps blood, allowing you to move about. While a healthy engine isn't the only necessity to a ensure a reliable vehicle, just like other organs are needed to keep a person up and running, it is absolutely crucial to the car's overall performance. If the engine has major troubles it may call for an engine replacement using a used or rebuilt engine, similar to a human heart transplant. There are many things that can cause drastic engine failure, the following being some of the most common reasons a person may consider an engine transplant for their car.

Poor Maintenance

All vehicles require routine maintenance to ensure its systems continue working as they should. Neglecting the engine of routine maintenance, such as oil changes, can result in major problems. Keeping up with auto maintenance will help prevent massive engine trouble.

Lubrication Problems

If oil in unable to circulate through the engine as it is designed to it will cause excessive friction among the engine's moving parts. This would result in the deterioration of key engine parts, leading to complete engine failure.

High Mileage Wear and Tear

Even vehicles that receive routine maintenance are subject to general wear and tear. If your vehicle has hundreds of thousands of miles on the engine it is definitely going to tire. An engine replacement is a quick and affordable way to get your daily driver back on the road.

Excessive Overheating

If the cooling system fails repeatedly it will subject the engine to repetitive overheating. This can cause numerous problems, including failed gaskets, which would lead to leaks, or worse case scenario, a cracked engine block.

Other Engine Repair Options

Not all engine problems call for a complete engine replacement. Minor issues may need more simple engine repair. The easiest way to determine the best repair for your car is to let a professional mechanic assess its condition.

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