How to Know if Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

A properly functioning suspension doesn't just provide smoother driving, it also enhances safety. During a collision, it's more likely that all four wheels will remain on the ground if your suspension is in great shape. At the first indication of a suspension problem, it's best to get to the shop for an inspection. At All Engines & Transmissions, our local mechanics can thoroughly repair any type of suspension trouble.

Warning Signs of Suspension Failure

If your car begins bouncing excessively when you drive over rough patches in the road, then you've got a classic sign of a suspension that is no longer working like it should. And if you have a failing spring, then you'll likely hear clunking sounds while going over bumps. A bad spring can also cause your car to slouch in the relevant corner.

Signs of a suspension problem sometimes arise while braking. With a bad suspension, your car could take a longer time to come to a full stop after you hit the brakes. A suspension issue may also make it feel like your car is nose-diving during the braking process.

There are some other common symptoms of suspension trouble that mean you'll want to have a mechanic take a look. Suspension trouble may be brewing if it feels like your car is drifting when you go around sharp corners at safe speeds. And with a bad suspension, tire tread could wear down unevenly, thus causing bald spots to form on tires. Also, if your shocks have oil leaking out onto them, then they'll likely need to be replaced.

The Bounce Test

To get a better sense of whether your suspension is in poor shape, you can do a quick test. First, make sure your vehicle is securely parked and isn't liable to start rolling. Then go to the front of the vehicle and use all of your power to press down on it. Rock it two times and let go. Next, go to the vehicle's rear and do the same thing on the back end. After releasing, your car should only rock two or three times on it's own. If it rocks more, then it'll be worth having your suspension inspected.

Suspension Repair in Westminster, CO

When you need auto repair Westminster, CO, contact All Engines & Transmissions at (720) 707-0183. At our local auto shop, our reputable mechanics can expertly complete any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: July 27, 2021

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