Does My Car Need Cooling System Repair?

Does My Car Need Cooling System Repair?The cooling system in your car is tasked with regulating the operating temperature of the engine. Should the motor get to hot it can suffer from numerous serious issues, including blown head gaskets or even a cracked block. For this reason it is important to always keep up with cooling system maintenance and if you ever run into any of these signs of cooling system trouble don't hesitate to reach out to a technician.

Rising Temperature Gauge

The temperature gauge on your dashboard isn't letting you know how hot it is outside, it's telling you what the thermal condition of the engine. If the engine gets too hot it will begin to overheat which can result in numerous conditions, including the ones that were mentioned above. Pull over immediately if you see the temperature gauge rising into the hot zone.

White Steam Coming From the Hood

If you missed the gauge telling you there is trouble ahead you are sure to see the white steam pouring out from under the hood. This means your car is currently overheating and it is time to pull over. If you continue to drive your engine will suffer massive damage, resulting in a need for extensive and expensive repair.

Low Coolant Level

From time to time be sure to check your vehicle's coolant level when the engine is cool, meaning it has been off for a couple hours. If you find low levels of coolant in the reservoir it could indicate a leak, but is it internal or external? Look for the following issues to go along with the missing coolant.

White Exhaust Smoke

If there is white exhaust smoke coming out of the tail pipe it may mean that coolant is being burnt up inside the motor's combustion chamber. This is a clear indication that there is already some form of trouble occurring. To reduce the chances of a need for massive engine repair get to a repair shop right away.

Coolant Leak

If you can see coolant, which is usually a bright green color, dripping from under your vehicle, you need to make an appointment with your local auto shop to have the issue repaired right away.

Cooling system trouble can spell disaster for your car if it is not immediately taken care of. If you need cooling system or radiator repair in Westminster, CO head to All Engines & Transmissions. We specialize in engine and transmission replacement, but offer professional general auto repair as well. To request an appointment for quality auto repair in Westminster call (720) 707-0183 today.

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