Customer Reviews of All Engines & Transmissions in Colorado

Customer Reviews of All Engines & Transmissions in ColoradoFinding a company to complete an engine swap or transmission replacement can be tough. Both of these are large jobs that require much skill, the right tools, and the ability to source a proper replacement engine or transmission. If your car is in need of a transplant, be sure to read through the reviews of All Engines & Transmissions, a shop that specializes in engine replacements in Westminster, Colorado.

All Engines and Trans installed a new engine in my son's 97 Jeep Wrangler, they did an excellent job. The Jeep is running like brand new, they are very clean and knowledgeable, Bryan explained about the break in period very well. I have recommended them to other people. I am very satisfied with this company - Randy B.

All Engines quoted the best price of several options on our '95 Volvo 960...they found a very low mileage engine and did a clean, flawless job. After 3-1/2 months, it runs perfectly with no problems at all. Great job. - Glenn S.

I have dealt with the owner Jin for a number of years and, am impressed with the priority he dedicates to being honest and professional! If you've ever got a problem with an automotive electrical problem, this is the only place I would consider. There is nothing that one of their automotive technicians cannot locate and repair! I'm alway pleased with the cleanliness that my car is returned in, as they always use protective plastic on my seats and in my floors!!!! - Paula B.

Very skilled and honest mechanics. I recommend them for all of your car needs!!! - Courtney M.

I chose All Engines and Transmissions to replace the engine in my '06 Jeep Commander (5.7 L Hemi). It was done in less than a week. When I picked it up they thoroughly explained what to do during the break in period and went with me on a test drive to make sure I was satisfied, and let me tell you, I am very satisfied! It runs great, the price was reasonable, and it came with a great warranty. - Doug K.

Had repairs done; it was fair, friendly and fast. No issues since repair. Excellent service and knowledgeable technicians. - Russ B.

I bought a used honda civic that immediately required an engine replacement a ways back, All Engines and Transmissions got me a great engine at a fantastic price and have kept up with the maintenance ever since. Fantastic store, fantastic staff, 5/5. - T.R.

Did a great job on my transmission. [The] car runs better than ever. Jin even worked with me on payments. Good service overall. - Sergio P.

The professional team of technicians at All Engines & Transmissions value their customer relationships immensely. If your car need a transmission or engine replacement in Westminster be sure to call them at (720) 707-0183. You and your car will be glad you did!

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