Common Causes of the Check Engine Light Turning On

Common Causes of the Check Engine Light Turning OnWhen the check engine light comes on, the cause could be something as miniscule as a loose gas cap. However, it's also entirely possible that the issue is serious, so you'll want to play it safe and get to the shop for diagnostic services. Here's a look at six common reasons that the check engine light comes on.

Bad Mass Airflow Sensor

This is what keeps tabs on the amount of air coming in and then determines just how much fuel to inject with it. The good news with this, however, is that if this is indeed the problem, it's a rather affordable repair.

Failing Catalytic Convertor

On the other hand, this is a more expensive issue. Nevertheless, it's a necessary one because it's what converts carbon monoxide into an emission that isn't as harmful.

Faulty Ignition Coil

The ignition coil plays a crucial role in creating the spark that is needed to get your engine to fire up. Ignition coils sometimes falter because of weather extremes, but typical wear and tear can also eventually lead to failure.

Need Spark Plug Replacement

Faulty spark plugs can cause clogging of the catalytic convertor, as well as damage to your ignition coil.

Bad Battery or Charging System

Depending on the year that your vehicle was manufactured, it's entirely possible that this is why the light is coming on.

Loose or Ill-Fitting Gas Cap

This might seem like a joke, but it's strangely true. If your gas cap isn't properly sealed, then fuel can evaporate before you even get the chance to use it, which can actually cause your check engine light to illuminate.

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